double [dub′əl]
[ME < OFr < L duplus, lit., twofold (akin to Gr diploos) < duo, TWO + -plus < IE * plo-, -fold < base * pel-, to FOLD1]
1. two combined; twofold; duplex
2. having two layers; folded in two
3. having two of one kind; paired; repeated [a double consonant]
4. being of two kinds; dual [a double standard]
5. having two meanings; ambiguous
6. twice as much, as many, as large, etc. [pay double fare]
7. of extra size, value, strength, or quantity
8. designed or made for two [a double bed]
9. characterized by duplicity; two-faced; deceiving [leading a double life]
10. having a tone an octave lower [double bass]
11. Bot. having more than one set of petals
1. to twice the extent or degree; twofold
2. two together; in or by pairs [to ride double]
1. anything twice as much, as many, or as large as normal
2. a person or thing looking very much like another; duplicate; counterpart
3. a substitute actor or singer
4. a stand-in or substitute, as in films
5. a fold; second ply
6. a sharp turn or shift of direction
7. an evasive trick
8. [pl.] a game of tennis, handball, etc. with two players on each side
9. Baseball a hit on which the batter reaches second base
10. Bridge the doubling of an opponent's bid
doubled, doubling
1. to make double; make twice as much or as many; multiply by two
2. to fold; add another ply to [double the bandage]
3. to repeat or duplicate
4. to be the double of
5. Baseball
a) to put out (the second runner) in executing a double play
b) to advance (a runner) by hitting a double
6. Bridge to increase the point value or penalty of (an opponent's bid) by saying “double” when it is one's turn to bid
7. Music to supply the upper or lower octave to (another part or voice) [double the tenor in brass]
8. Naut. to sail around [they doubled Cape Horn]
1. to become double; increase twofold
2. to bend or turn sharply backward [the animal doubled on its tracks]
3. to serve as a double
4. to serve an additional purpose
5. Informal to double-date
6. Baseball to hit a double
7. Music to play one or more instruments in addition to one's principal instrument: often with on
double back
1. to fold back
2. to turn and go back in the direction from which one came
☆ double in brass
Slang to do or be capable of doing something additional to one's specialty
double up
1. to fold completely; clench (one's fist)
2. to bend over, as in laughter or pain
3. to share a room, etc. with someoneon ( or at) the double
on the double or at the double Informal
1. in DOUBLE TIME (sense 2)
2. quickly

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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